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        It's about more than just a wedding. It’s about you.
        Your wedding photographs should be as unique and as awesome as you are. They should show you how you felt, how you loved and how you were loved. They should tell your story.
        Documenting weddings has taken us all over the world and whatever your plans, near or far, we’d love to document yours.

        Our Story

        When we met in 2017 we were both well-established photographers running our own businesses. Sven was working for commercial clients such as Bugatti, Daimler or Porsche while Lisa built her business centered on destination weddings. We share our passion for photography, film, travel adventures and outstanding services for our clients. Having the same vibrant, joyful and optimistic personality, it was only a matter of time we both fell in love with each other. Today we are more than business partners – we grew together as a family with our little daughter. Being a loving couple ourselves we understand and truly value your individual approach for your wedding celebration and it’s easy for us to create an intimate and fun atmosphere. We are a well interacting team who guides you into beautiful light and places, encouraging you to relax, enjoy the moment and just be yourself.


        Do you cover film as well?

        What is the best way of discussing our wedding plans with you?

        Is it possible to book you seperately?

        Do you cover weddings internationally?

        Do you design wedding albums?

        Do you offer drone shots?


        Yes we do. Sven creates wonderful adventurous wedding films in a vivid and meaningful way, that enriches your booking definitely! We are passionate to work and travel around the world together as a couple, doing what we love most - photography and videography. If you are interested in film, please let us know!